Ormarins Wine Estate

Ormarins Wine Estate.
Località: Franschhoek area, Sudafrica;
anno: 1799;

<<L’Ormarins is the main estate in the group farms and is situated in the Franschhoek area. The farm has a combination of both low-lying land as well as moderate to steep slopes. There is an altitude difference of 385m between the lowest (165m) and the highest (580m) points on the farm. The vineyards are mainly planted on the slopes of the Groot Drakenstein Mountains where the granite soils produce robust, expressive wines. Syrah is planted on warmer, northerly facing slopes with better drainage at different altitudes.

Some Syrah vineyards are planted more densely (6 250 to 8 333 vines per ha) on slopes too steep for mechanical production (tractors etc.) in the typical échalas style of the Rhône region in France. Merlot is planted on the cooler easterly facing, higher altitude areas and the vines are vertically trellised. Sauvignon Blanc is also planted on these easterly facing, higher altitude slopes to ensure the vines are subjected to the cooler temperature required by this varietal. We have recently planted some Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards of which a selection are Guyot pruned.

These blocks are mostly planted with the movement of the hot afternoon sun taken into consideration in an attempt to prevent exposure of bunches to direct sunlight. New Pinot Grigio blocks are planted on easterly or southeasterly facing slopes, which are cooler and angled against the hot afternoon sun. In 2011 the property which belonged to Graham Beck, situated to the east of L’Ormarins, was bought and now forms part of the L’Ormarins vineyards. Most of the vineyards were uprooted and only the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir blocks were left as these grapes will be used for our Méthode Cap Classique sparkling wine.

L’Ormarins is situated in a high rainfall area with an average of 1300mm per year with peaks in June to August. In October the southeast wind is a concerning factor and canopy management, like shoot positioning, is always important during this time of the year. L’Ormarins has an annual average temperature of 25.8 °C. Manor House (1811) and Historic Cellar (1799) completely restored and declared national monuments. This cellar still exists today and has been restored to its original condition. In the 19th Century this cellar was used by a large number of the Franschoek community. Families would bring their grapes from their respective vineyards to the cellar on l’Ormarins where each f would have its own large vat with their family crest carved on the front. The grapes would be vinified and the wine stored here throughout the year. As and when the families needed thier wines they would come and collect the wines from the cellar. The Vats, with the family crests still exist today>> (http://www.rupertwines.com/heritage.php?heritage_id=1)

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<<Anthonij Rupert Wyne was founded on the farm, L’Ormarins in Franschhoek. Originally owned by the late Anthonij Rupert, who passed away in 2001, the farm was eventually taken over by his brother Johann Rupert in 2003 and the brand named after him. It was Johann Rupert who constructed a state-of-the-art winemaking facility, catapulting the farm into a prestigious wine estate and the beginnings of what is now a sprawling enterprise. The focus is on terroir specific wines and therefore it would seem obvious that the brand is made up of an impressive portfolio of farms representing the best in grape producing locations.

The portfolio is made up of L’Ormarins situated in Franschhoek, Rooderust in Darling, Riebeeksrivier in the Swartland and Altima in isolated Elandskloof. Individually each site offers optimum varietal specific growing conditions, allowing Anthonij Rupert Wyne to adhere to the requirements of their different brands.>> (http://www.rupertwines.com/about.php)

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