Hacienda Lomita Winery

Hacienda Lomita Winery.
Località: Comunidad de San Marcos, Fraccionamiento 13, San Antonio de las Minas, Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico;
anno: 2009;
proprietà: Fernando Perez Castro;
autori foto: Lomita Winery, ©Rodrigo Samo y Juan De la Concha;

<<Hacienda La Lomita was founded by entrepreneur Fernando Pérez Castro in 2009. It is nestled in the Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico’s most important wine region, and located just 15 minutes from the Pacific Ocean near San Antonio de las Minas. They have been practicing organic viticulture since 2012 and are committed to being honest with the vines and making wines that express the terroir of the Valle de Guadalupe. The sum of these and many other variables result in expressive and wholesome wines. La Lomita now produces 8 separate and distinct labels that have emerged under the natural synergy of the terroirs of Valle de Guadalupe. Lomita makes wines only from its own vineyards and grapes are processed on the property. Winemaking is an exacting process at Lomita and they are extremely careful with the selection and processing of grapes, resulting in healthy, expressive and wholesome wines. They only make wines from their estate vineyards, which are vinified and aged on the property. Hacienda La Lomita, is a winery that regularly features local artist installations and often has visiting artists design their wine labels.

They’ve got great views of the mountains just beyond all the vineyards and interesting blends to sample.>>

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